Utsumi Cuticle Nippers IX.IA (Ixia) B

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【Product number · color】 3.5mm

The biggest attraction is the surface of specially processed black, which is not available to other manufacturers. 
The nipper is originally made of silver material called stainless steel, and of course IX.IA (Ixia) series also uses this stainless steel. Black appearance is not just black painted on the surface, but the surface of the silver stainless steel is "blackened", the material itself is subjected to special processing. 
As far as the cutting edge is firmly "black", it also has the merit of improving workability, because cut out cuticle skin is easy to see. 
Because it is not painting, even if it is black to the cutting edge, the sharpness of its pride is as it is! 
It uses the highest peak stainless steel of choice, it has sharp sharpness and is not rustproof, and the wear of the blades is also little, it will last quality. 

«Another Points» 
● Newly Designed Spring: Considering the relative strength of the force of a person and the force of a spring, realizing a smooth movement like a single spring. Keep delicate movements at work as you wish! 
● Fulcrum: By increasing the fulcrum point, the condition is light, anyway a soft touch. By eliminating rattling with precise quality, we made the sense of stability during work. 
● Edge: The shape and angle of the blades extended supple, pursuing ease of use unique to a professional by collaborating with stylists. 
● Grip: I studied the movement of the hand at the time of fine work and made it a shape that fits well into my hand. Mass has also been reduced by thinning the wall thickness.



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Width of about 48 mm, cutting edge about 3.5 mm


Item code: 22164