URAWA G3 Drill Machine Pink

by urawa


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Due to soaring raw material prices, carbon brushes and drivers have been discontinued.

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【Product number · color】 pink

It is a portable type machine. You can use it for about 2 hours with a small light weight (body 250 g · handpiece 160 g) for up to 10 hours, about 3 hours for normal use. Continuous use while charging is also possible. Body size: Width 65 mm × Height 37 mm × depth 137 mm Hand piece size: Length 129 mm 

① Battery level is indicated by LED. Please charge it when the red lamp lights up. 
② With overload function. It 
is safe because it shuts off the power automatically even when it is used mistake ③ It blinks while charging, lights up when charging finishes and tells you the completion of charging. It can be used for 3h with 2h charging (guideline) You can charge up the charge additionally. 
○ Since the motor has very little core shake, little unpleasant vibration is transmitted to the nail. 
○ 2,000 to 20,000 rotations. Speed ​​up in a wide range of rotation

● Accessories 
· AC adapter 
· Cuticle Pusher 
· Brush × 2 
· Battery Charger 
· Portable Pouch 

● Size 
Land 65 × Width 137 × High 37 mm 

● Handpiece 
Rotation Speed: 2,000 to 20000 rpm

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