Parts Gel TRINA

by trina


The texture is soft and soft. The flat stones, as well as the flat stones, do not flow and can be hardened while keeping the design in place by changing the arrangement many times until it hardens. 

■ When putting studs or small flat 
parts, take part gel on brush and apply thinly. 

■ When placing a large part, 
take the part gel on the wood stick, and when placing it on the nail, pull the gel upward and insert the V-cut stone or pearl so that the height comes out. 

(1) If there is a protruding gel or standing horn without leveling, wipe off with a brush and cure. 
(2) Remove the extension gel from the liner brush and cure it by filling the gap. (Extension gel is recommended because it gives strength and does not flow.) 
③ Finish at the top.



[Contents / Remarks] 5g




36mm in width X 36mm in height X 25mm in height

Soak-off type UV about 1 minute LED about 20 seconds

Product code: 97956