TRINA Mixing Gel MIX-3 Micro Moon 5g



[Product number / color] MIX-3 Micro Moon

Ultimate color development that shines even in one color made from a nail technician's point of view Adopting a supple and flexible resin with
vivid color
that continues until the moment of turning off, it is comfortable to apply with a small amount and
cost performance

Compared to the old TRINA gel brand, which is also excellent in high quality and stylish , we have changed to a more flexible and supple material. Due to the material change, the uncured gel will remain on the surface after curing. It has been renewed with the same transparency, excellent operability, and less likely to become hard over time. There are more uncured gels than the old ones.
36W or more light recommended. It cures with a light of 24W or more.
[Wavelength] UV: 365 nm, LED: 405 nm

It is studded with glitter that gives off a dazzling glow. Compared to the old product, the amount of glitter is large and the texture is soft. You can make lame color by mixing with color gel. You can also use Micro Moon as a color gel.


[Contents / Remarks] 5g





Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30 seconds Soak off type

Product code: 117840