TRINA Color Gel MN-3 Casablanca White 5g



[Product number / color] MN-3 Casablanca White

Daily use white, black and gray. It is a basic series with uniform textures depending on how you use it.

Made with manicurist eyes
ultimate color development of the shine even in one color
vivid color continues until the moment to smooth growth and off-
adopted a supple and flexible resin, Sucking stick such a coating comfort and quite right with a small amount
to the cost performance High quality and stylish gel brand TRINA
Please use a small amount. It uses

a flexible resin that does not harden over time, and the pigment used is a pigment with excellent color development and durability. We are doing it. There is a slight change in viscosity depending on the temperature, so warm the room before use in cold weather.
36W or more light recommended. It cures with a light of 24W or more.
[Wavelength] UV: 365 nm, LED: 405 nm

Old [90924] B003 alternative color.
Lighter than the old B003, with a texture that is just right for nuance art.

Matte white. The best texture for gradation.
* Please stack thinly.

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[Contents / Remarks] 5g





Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30 seconds Soak off type M S

Product code: 116664