TATI 9 Brush Set

by vendor-unknown


[Product number / color] Brush starter set of 9 (with cap)

This is a starter set that allows you to align tati brushes at once. It is more advantageous than having a single item.
42300 tati art chocolate rose (rose)
26948 tati art chocolate orange (orange)
42304 tati art chocolate blue (blue)
42305 tati art chocolate gris (
grid ) 57251 tatima art chocolate mimosa
cola 77 (mimosa art 77 ) )
77643 tati art chocolat bebe (bebe)
92969 tati art chocolat first chouchou (first chou chou)
92970 tati art chocolat first prints (first plantin)


Changed from aluminum cap to silicon cap. 19/02/25

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Product code: 98489