Solid Base Gel 10g GELGRAPH

by vendor-unknown


[Viscosity] The 
viscosity is made higher than the base gel so that it can make the optimum thickness for filling in once. 
Moreover, because it is excellent also in self-leveling property, it is possible to make a beautiful form in a short time. 

[Curing Heat] 
Heat setting heat is set lower than base gels so that it will not get hot even if a large amount is applied to make the thickness. 

Machinability 】Despite being a soak-off gel, I stick to hardness so that filling can be done without stress. 
Neither machine nor file can be 
shredded, and when you cut around the cuticle, gel will get caught up in files and bits and will not peel off from the nail. 

Adhesiveness is higher than ordinary base gel, it does not lack or float, it lasts for a long time.



[Contents amount · remarks] 10 g





Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED approximately 30 seconds

Item code: 95614