SHELL JAPAN Crashed Shell Summer White

by vendor-unknown


【Part Number / Color】 Crash · Summer White

It is a soft shell seal (crash type) which is cut to the usable size of "natural · ultrathin". With water resistant water resistant specifications, our own manufacturing method technology, "shell thickness 0.08 mm" has been realized. It fits neatly to the curved surface of flexible and delicate nails. Because it uses the finest natural shellfish, it emits the brightness of only one who does not have the same thing and creates infinite design. Also, I will show different expressions depending on the angle. 
※ The crash type has become size easy to use in advance. 
* Crash type is not an adhesive seal. 
Please confirm with the art image the feeling of embedding in gel.



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70 mm × 40 mm


Product code: 93760