Sha-Nail Plus Dots (Silver) SD-PS

by vendor-unknown


【Part Number / Color】 Silver

"Sha-Nail Plus" was 
born under a new concept that spreads design more gorgeously, more beautifully ! We are 

expressing the design finely to the limit using gold and silver which we could not realize with shooting nail so far 

Features of "Sha-Nail Plus" are: 
1. Premium gold leaf, silver foil finish which produces a delicate and sparkling shine. 
2. Since the sheet material is the same as the shooting nail, it stretches out and fits the nail. 
3. Because it is a sheet of thin material, it is still a design thought repeatedly.

2018 S / S gets attention also in polka dot pattern. 
A new dot print of gold and silver is also released even in the shooting nail plus. 
Brightness, delicacy, first-class finish in all.


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50 mm × 81 mm


Item code: 15683