S38 MILLE-FEUILLE TERRA COTTA 2.5g Color Gel Miss Mirage

by vendor-unknown


【Product number · color】 S38S Millefeuille terra cotta

From the series of "Mille-feuille color series" 
sheer color, six colors of autumn-winter trend colors appear. 
Transparent feeling melting into the skin color, color with a sense of falling out, so popular tile art and natural stone art will be a slight texture finish different from making it with matte color. 

【About Mille-feuille color】
Making use of the sheer sense of sheer, by overlapping the colors like Mille-feuille, a second color is born. 
If you change the combination of overlapping colors, you can enjoy the exquisite color difference. 
Second color which makes two colors one by one by overlapping.



[Contents amount · remarks] 2.5 g





Soak off type UV about 2 minutes LED about 20 seconds S

Product code: 85297