PREGEL Sculp & Top Clear Gel 15g



It is a gel for sculpture & top two correspondence. It is easy to operate, it can make gel sculpture with excellent strength and flexibility. Of course, it is recommended as a top with strong shine and strength. 

※ For semi-hard soak-off gel, if you use it at the top please cut off to some extent before penetrating acetone. 
* Please note that extreme thick coating may cause curing heat and curing failure. 
※ length can be up to 1 cm.

※ It is complementary color included. 
※ Strength is the most, it is hard to get scratched and gloss persists. 

※ 2 times encourage painting (first layer thin coating) 
※ Please consider the setting time as a guide. 
※ 36 W light is recommended when curing with UV light. 
UV light less than 36 W may be hard to cure. 
* In the case of LED lights, lights of 25 W or more are recommended.


[Contents amount · remarks] 15 g


Soft gel type LED Approximately 30 seconds UV About 2 minutes