PREGEL & Prim Doll Muse New Grayish 6 Colors PSU-6P-2019C

by PREGEL Mues


[Part Number / Color] PSU-6P-2019C

PREGEL Muse is a
completely new color gel line that goes beyond Prigel's "Unshrinkable", "Non-stressing leveling", "Fully cured thin and thick coatings" and "Of course good coloring".
Furthermore, if it is mixed 1: 1 with the pre-gel color EX, the operability is further enhanced with a synergistic effect.
“Purigel Muse”, a cosmetic color of gems that uses only legal dyes



[Contents / Remarks] 3g





Soft gel type UV approximately 1 minute LED approximately 10 seconds M

Product code: 109104