PREGEL PremDoll Muse Juno Estella 3g x 6 colors Set



[Product number/color] Juno Estella 3g x 6 colors set

The series model doll "Juno Estella" is an anniversary Blythe that expresses the beauty of the planet Venus, which shines conspicuously in the night sky .
She looks like the goddess Venus wearing two styles of elegant dresses.
A fantastic color lineup of 6 colors that shines in the morning sun and shines like the stars in the infinite universe at night.
Polarized pearls shine gently and make your hands look elegant. It is recommended because the atmosphere changes just by doing a matte coat!
Continuing from last time, it's a collaboration with Prem Doll Muse! .




[Contents/Remarks] 3g x 6 colors set

price increased on January 2023




Soft gel type UV about 1-2 minutes LED about 20-30 seconds Pearl glitter soak off type

Product code: 129179