PREGEL Muse Tropical Forest PGU-M365 3G

by PREGEL Muse


[Product number / color] Tropical Forest PGU-M365

Bright vivid colors make you feel like a resort. Five colorful matte colors that can anticipate summer brighten your fingertips. With a matte color, it can be used widely from single color painting to art, and it is also a regular color that can be used in all seasons. It is also recommended for foot nails in the coming season.

Pre-Gel Muse is a
completely new color gel line that goes beyond Pre-Gel with "does not shrink", "non-stress leveling", "completely hardened for both thin and thick coats", and "of course, good color development".
Furthermore, if you mix 1: 1 with Pregel Color EX, the operability will be further enhanced by the synergistic effect.
Gem cosmetic color "Prigel Muse" using only legal pigments



[Contents / Remarks] 3g





Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 20 to 30 seconds M soak off type

Product code: 118753