PG-CEW51 French White 3g Color EX PREGEL



[Product number / color] French white PG-CEW51

White French art that maximizes the pure charm of women is an eternal classic that is not bound by fashion. Pregel has developed a pure white and beautiful white French color that has received many requests after careful examination!

■ Features
・ Smile lines can be drawn beautifully!
-It is the best texture for French, with less uneven brush strokes.
-Because it is excellent not only for LED curing but also for UV curing, it is safe in any treatment environment!

■ Precautions for use If
you apply a thick coat at one time, it may not cure properly or the tip may be chipped, so it
is recommended to apply it thinly.

■ Recommended usage Use the
Pre-Gel Color EX Nude Series as a base for a more beautiful finish.



[Contents / Remarks] 3g





Soft gel type UV about 1 to 2 minutes LED about 30 seconds M soak off type

Product code: 70033