Miss Mirage Soak Off Gel LN02S Liner Black

by vendor-unknown


【Product number · color】 LN02S liner black

"Liner series" It is a liner gel with no uncured. 
Excellent coloring that the color below can not be seen and a texture that is easy to draw. 
Draw a thin line without blurring, further emphasizing art. 
★ It is a nail cosmetic. 
Can be finished without top gel It can be finished without uncured wiping or top gel, such as when art is done with liner on top of top gel. 
· Because it is not uncured, it will not bite with top gel 
· Under color can not be seen through, thin lines can be easily drawn clearly 
· Smile lines can be drawn clearly and cleanly Recommended for French 
※ If the coating amount is large cause of hardening failure There are times when it becomes.



[Contents amount · remarks] 2.5 g





Soft gel type UV about 2 minutes LED about 20 seconds M

Item code: 17949