Miss Mirage S56S 2.5g

by vendor-unknown


【Part Number / Color】 S56S Millefeuil Rouge Red

"Mille-feuille color series" 5th bullet! ! 
~ A fascinating color series for women who live in modern times ~ 
Silky beige and champagne pink finished in glossy nude color. 
Elegantness of elegant blonde beige and rose pink. 
Vivid Rouge Red and Sexy Black are the last accents of fashion ... 
based on nude color, by overlaying sexy black and rouge red thinly, expressing the texture of lace like luxury lingerie, by painting repeatedly You can also express the deep black that the night book descended, the red passionate red lips. 

<About Mille-feuille color> 
By using the sense of sheer sense of sheer, by overlapping the colors like Mille-feuille, a second color is born. 
If you change the combination of overlapping colors, you can enjoy subtle color differences. 
Second color that makes two colors one by one by overlapping.



[Contents amount · remarks] 2.5 g





Soak off type UV about 2 minutes LED about 20 seconds S

Product code: 98648