Matsuura Eyelash Extension Latest Safety Tweezer

by vendor-unknown


【Part Number / Color】 Made in Japan for School

Even if you do not get used to wearing eyelash extensions, you will end up with power on your fingertips and you may grasp the tweezer strongly. 
Because we carefully chamfered the part to be gripped with your fingertips, with smooth finish, you can reduce troubles such as "I hurt the twiser's fingers." 

Total length: 129 mm 

Tweeter hygiene management 
Tweeter is one of the essential tools to use every day. 
Be sure to disinfect before use, at use and after use. 
Please keep in mind the always clean state.


2019/01/31 ~ thickness change, weight change

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Weight: 15g

Length 129 mm


Product code: 36635