Matsukaze Anti Allergy Gel

by vendor-unknown

【Precautions for use】 · Please do not use it when there are scars, swelling, eczema etc. · If abnormality such as irritation appears during use or after use stop using and consult a dermatologist. · If it gets in your eyes, please rinse immediately. · Please keep out of reach of children. · Do not store in direct sunlight or hot places. To avoid troubles due to eyelash extensions - For all practitioners - Always do counseling. Eyelash extensions may cause dermatitis due to the influence of "Tweezer's metal components, tape, glue, remover and other chemicals and volatile substances contained in cosmetics" depending on the customer's constitution and skin condition. Especially for people with allergies, eyes and eyelids around are sensitive and may itch it depending on the physical condition and season. If you put on eyelash extensions at such a time, it may cause dermatitis etc, so please do not wear it. Rubbing eyelashes and eyelids during wearing eyelash extensions may cause injuries to skin, mucosa and eyeballs. Especially for people who are wearing them for the first time please tell them not to rub them. If eyelash extensions (artificial hair) and glue lumps are rubbed in the eyes, there is a danger of scratching the skin · mucous membranes and eyeballs, so rinse with running water without rubbing absolutely if it gets in eyes. Please wear a specialist for those who complained of discomfort in the body after wearing eyelash extensions. ※ Glue remover is required to purchase separately. The following documents are required at the time of application. ◆ Eyelash Extension Purchase Only Membership Registration Application Form (Please download from the below) ◆ Agreement Form (Please download from the below) ◆ Hairdresser License (ones you have, beauty student is a copy of Student ID card) ◆ Eyelash Diploma of extensions or certificate of attendance history (If you have anything on hand, sign the school and salon name in the agreement form) If you are interested in applying, please confirm the application form. ▼ ▼ ▼ ★ eyelash extensions purchase-only member registration application download (pdf) ★ agreement download (pdf) ▼ If you do not see the above pdf please download Adobe Reader in advance. Acrobat Reader TAT Inquiries TEL: 0120-59-1270