INITY High-End Color Blue Lagoon CT-06C 3g


Color development · color · Filling comfort High end color full of new radiance Color gel high end color which became easier to use remarkably It is a feeling of use which markedly improved the level with the color gel of the previous aidity. Features · Small amounts of any color firmly develops color extension · Good texture and coloring suitable for each purpose · Smooth salon work · Color that is decided fashionably for abundant colors that are easy to use in salon work Aligned color variation ■ Skin collection The color of six colors that will fascinate your skin beautifully is an exquisite color variation that is complete from colors that look like adults to colors that look cute. FEATURES · Color development of 6 colors, but if it is once coated natural coloring 2 times if it is applied gently Coloring 3 times If you paint firmly, coloring and coloring like 3 colors with 1 color are possible. (Even if it is painted very thin, it will not uneven with smooth leveling property and firmly develops with a small amount so even if it is painted three times, it is not thick and it does not break the form.) · Gradation can be finished quickly without the technique . Healthy impression of pink beige [skin collection] [Contents amount · remarks] 3 g Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED approximately 20 seconds S