Flicka Gel Brush PEDI Slim Angular

by vendor-unknown


[Product number / color] Slim angular

flicka nail arts Gel brush series From

the beautiful finish of the base color to various types of art, the gel brush series is particular about the ease of use and the quality of the workmanship. From the simple and versatile original series to the spin-off series that can be used for each art, you can reproduce the world view of flicka nail arts.

flicka nail arts "pedi" Slim angular It is a slim angular

that can handle various arts from foot painting to various arts. It fits snugly in the corner of the cuticle peculiar to the foot and can be easily applied to the edges. The angle of the angular is shallow, and the appropriate hair length allows the gel to be guided smoothly. The hair width is suitable for art, so you can freely draw various nuances of art, and you can also use it for wide blocking and filling. Made in Japan with carefully made high quality nylon.



[Contents / Remarks]

(With cap) Length: 80mm Inner diameter 8: mm Hole: None



Overall length: 148mm Hair length: 7mm (longest part) Hair width: 4mm Thickness: 1.9mm


Product code: 118777