Flicka Gel Brush MANI Oval

by vendor-unknown


From the beautiful finish of the base color to the various types of art, the gel brush series sticking to the ease of use specialized for gel and the quality of workmanship. While reproducing three simple line types, you can reproduce the world view of flicka nail arts. It is made in Japan using fine nylon.

Beautiful bass, oval brush is excellent for operation of gel specialized for one color paint. It is an original shape that it is difficult to crack and spread widely, a shallow oval with a squared-off tendency, the surface is easy to smooth smoothly, and the cuticle side can be painted using the roundness of the oval. Regardless of the elasticity of the brush and the thinness of the tip, it is easy to apply near the kiwa. Due to exquisite quality of hair, hair length and length, from smooth to stiff gel, you can smoothly guide and finish in a beautiful form.


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(With cap) Length: 80 mm Inner diameter 8: mm Hole: None



Total Length: 144 mm Hair Length: 7 mm Hair Width: 6 mm Thickness: 1.9 mm


Item code: 118774