【 # E-172S sand beige toffee】KOKOIST Excel line soak off color gel 2.5g

by vendor-unknown


[Article number, color] # E-172 Sand beige toffee

The Excel line greatly improves durability and adhesion, and lasts anyway.
The color is vivid and can be applied even once.
It does not require stirring, and it develops a clear color like acrylic paint. Easy to operate, you can quickly draw French and art.
Temporary curing: approx. 30 sec. UV / approx. 10 sec. LED
Soak-off time: 10 min
. Soak off with a commercial gel remover or acetone.

Fall / Winter 2017 The elegant beige worn by adults is slightly pink.


[Contents / Remarks] 2.5g





Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 20 seconds M

Product code: 18896