Piton ◆ Piton Femcare Soap 30ml



Soap exclusively for delicate zones

The creamy foam that fits tightly onto your skin wraps around your delicate zones and
gently cleanses them. The pH value matches the skin environment in sensitive areas, keeping the mucous membranes clean without putting any strain on them.

Contains tamanu oil

7 additive-free
■Synthetic fragrance-free ■Synthetic antioxidant-free ■Petroleum-based synthetic surfactant-free ■Synthetic pigment-free
■Mineral oil-free ■Alcohol-free ■No sterilization/preservatives-free

3 pumps at a time (1 Approximately 2 months worth of books)

Specialized soap containing tamanu oil. Gently cleanses with creamy foam that adheres tightly to the skin with a pH tailored to the delicate zone.







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