SPACE NAIL Space Model Finger



ST model hand practice fingers are now available!

The Space Model Finger realistically reproduces the cuticle and is shaped so that a nail tip can be inserted into the bottom of the cuticle, allowing for skin-up and skin-down.
You can also practice nail care by using the ST model handle loose cuticle seal and tip together.
It is ideal for not only certification practice but also repeated practice at salons, competitions, etc.
After basic practice with the fingers, we recommend that you step up to the hands and engage in more practical practice.

・If the oil is not removed,
 the fixation of the nail tip and nail form will become unstable.・ Please refrain from
soaking the finger in solvent for a long time, as this may damage the finger.・Other than double-sided tape (acrylic, etc.) )  Please refrain  from attaching nail tips as this may damage the nail bed.・Please clean the nail bed (remove the glue) regularly and apply new glue.



L x 1, M x 3, S x 1, 5 pieces




L size Length 70mm x Diameter approx. 16mm M size Length 70mm x Diameter approx. 15mm S Size Length 70mm x Diameter approx. 14mm



Product code: 135867