TOY's × INITY Bekko Mug Collection 7ml x 6 colors



T-BEST 6 color set

6 new autumn colors from TOY's mug color dyed in the sunset ! !
You can enjoy both art and one-color with richly colored mugs

① Autumn rich colors
② Shiny transparency
③ Create a unified look with similar base colors and mugs

Please cure with UV light, UV/LED light (hybrid light, etc.) .
UV…60 seconds, UV/LED…30 seconds

<Set contents>
T-BE01 Uri
T-BE02 Ginkgo
T-BE03 Tortoiseshell
T-BE04 Lycium
T-BE05 Acorn
T-BE06 Pine box


7ml x 6 colors


Product code: 135824