joujou ◆ Original Gel P-004 3g




Introducing an original color gel that is uniquely formulated from joujou!

Joujou Design can be made with Joujou products alone, but this gel is ennui and has a slight texture that combines the elegance, strong transparency and dullness that is typical of Joujou, so it brings out Joujou Design even more.

Please enjoy this exquisite "quirky" gel, recommended for those who are tired of beautiful nuances or those who want to explore the world of joujou.

Ash brown with metallic antique gold

○Recommended curing time: UV 1 minute/LED 20 seconds
*Varies depending on light and amount of application.
*Features a highly transparent color.
(If applied thickly, it may cause curing failure.)

●No stirring required
*If there is separation or if you will not be using it for a long time, please mix it lightly before use.

<Gel Precautions>
- Do not apply gels that are sold as miscellaneous goods directly to your nails, but use them on top of the base gel that has already been delivered as a nail cosmetic.

- If the container is stored with gel attached to the main body, it may cause damage or become impossible to open. Please wipe it clean after use and store it.

・Although we use acrylic acid that makes up the resin, we do not use HEMA, a typical allergy ingredient, or acid (a component that dissolves and adheres nails like a primer). (We do not guarantee safety against allergies, etc.)



product code : 135370