BELLEMAIN Hand Moisturizer No.2 30ml



An original fermented ingredient originally developed from soybeans, sprouted brown rice, and plant ingredients, this moisturizer compensates for indigenous bacteria that decrease due to excessive disinfection and rough hands.
It has a light and stretchy feel that fits comfortably in your hands, yet maintains a moist and moisturizing feel. It leads to healthy and firm hand skin.

It is designed with both in mind, so that it has a light and stretchy feel that fits comfortably in the hand, while also providing a moisturizing feeling.
Furthermore, since it is a hand item, it is well blended with oil to moisturize so that it can be used all year round regardless of the season.

Focusing on the microorganisms "indigenous bacteria" that exist on the skin of healthy people on a daily basis, it contains a unique fermented ingredient.
Prevents rough skin due to anti-inflammation, revives the original skin with its collagen production action, protects the barrier function from external enemies and irritation, and helps the skin to become beautiful by itself.

<How to use>
Apply 1 to 2 pumps to the back of the hand and the palm of your hand, and gently spread over the entire hand, nails, and cuticles.





Product code: 130356