Athlete Nail Sports Nail Tape EX

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[Product Description] 

Nail is very important for athletes. 
If the nail is weak or cracked, the force will not enter the fingertip or toes. 
By stretching "sports nail tape" you 
can feel the force playing with your fingertips, the force to grasp, the force to kick with your feet, the force to step on, without dropping nail pressure (nail pressure) . 
In addition, it protects the nail from external shock. 
It improves from the nail with the sports nail tape, and it shows the performance of the athlete. 
To everyone who loves sports! 

For those who want further strength, plus thickness and hardness! 

Made in Japan Made in Japan

【How to use】
1. Wash your hands and remove dirt and oil from the surface of the nails and clean it. 
2. Carefully peel off the size tape suitable for your nail from the backing, align the tape on the side of the cuticle and paste it on the whole nail. 
* The point is to choose a size that does not stick to the skin. 
3. Remove the extra tape at the tip of the nail with the attached nail file while paying attention to over-shaving of the nail. 

[How to peel] Peel off 
slowly gently so that you can float little by little from the cuticle side. 

【Precautions for use】
Please stop using it if there is abnormality in the nail. 
Please do not use on nails for a long time. 
Please do not keep in a place subject to high temperature and humidity or direct sunlight. 
Please keep it out of reach of small children. 
Please do not use on the skin


[Contents amount · remarks] 2 pieces × 12 sets






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