Padico UV LED Resin Star Of The Star 25g

by vendor-unknown


Either LED or UV will cure! One liquid resin. 

<Drops of the star 3 big features> 
Hybrid hardening / NO yellowing / time shortening 

① Hybrid hardening 
Evolution version one liquid resin which hardens even with LED light or UV light. 
② NO Droplets of yellowing 
stars do not have yellowing due to aged deterioration seen in conventional UV resin, and keep clear transparency forever. 
③ Short of ultra fast cure 
star drops will cure very quickly, so work will be faster. 
Hardening standard time 30 seconds to 90 seconds 
Advice on irradiation 
Star drops will cure with both LED light and UV light. 
When LED light is used, either wavelength of "405 nm" or "365 nm" of LED is required. 

★ Because different wavelengths are used for household LED lighting, there is no worry that the star drops will cure. 
When using UV light, please use 36 W UV light. 
Cure time 2 minutes to 4 minutes



[Contents amount · remarks] 25 g






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