【88050】YUMI x Hikari Cuticle Nipper Original

by vendor-unknown


Kinoshita Miho Ri supervised, this is the special version of the world's best cuticle nipper "light". 
It is a nipper which can be said as a work of art created by hand craftsmen. 
"Light HIKARI" "YUMI" mark is engraved on the back of the nipper grip. 
Black special cap with YUMI crown mark (with leather).

This is the special version "Yumi · Original Light Cuticle Nipper" supervised by Mihori Kinoshita who is in charge of product development of the world's highest peak cuticle nipper "light" for more than 20 years. 
It is a cuticle nipper which can be said as a work of art created by handmade by craftsmen. 
There are "seven points" in this nipper. 

1. Attention cutting edge 4.5 mm. Loose cuticle and hard skin are processed perfectly! 
2. The shape of the tip of the shaped tip is not too long, it is a stable bottom holding, the shape that is easiest to operate! 
3. The beautiful form of the body has been pursuing functional beauty for more than 20 years. Easy to hold body can be handled freely like your own hand! 
Four. The best cutting edge is completely handmade finish by Yumi · original original nipper specialist skilled artisans, so the finish and holding of the cutting edge are different! 
(Professional craftsmen received a 132 - hour nail training to build up this nipper, a commitment faction) 
5. Maintenance of the sharpening is also handled by the same skilled craftman as the production. Faster than normal and perfect for finishing! 
6. It is possible to put your name in nipper. It is smooth when you ask at the timing of sharpening! 
7. The final check of the finish is the nailist's cuticle nipper by Yumi's atelier instructor, exactly for the nailist, by the nailist!


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Cutting edge 4.5 mm


With nipper cap



Product code: 88050