【69426】YUMI × Hikari Tiara Cuticle Nipper

by vendor-unknown


It is a nipper which can also be said as a work of art which is supervised by Kinoshita Miho ri and is created by handmade by craftsmen. 
The tooth tip is 4.5mm of commitment and can handle loose cuticle and hard skin perfectly. We reproduced the easy-to-hold body pursuing lightness and softness not burdening the hand, and aimed at the lightest class among domestic nippers. Construct a tough and delicate cutting edge with a special casting method, keeping stable sharpness and blade for a long time as compared with conventional products. The sharpness of the cutting edge of the highest peak unique to YUMI × light and its stable holding further enhance the treatment quality of professional skill. 
It is filled with YUMI stamp and serial number. 
Black special cap with YUMI crown mark (with leather).



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With nipper cap



Length: 110 mm Width: 50 mm Cutting edge: 4.5 mm


Product code: 69426