SHAREYDVA Zirconia Bar Short Corn C (Course)



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【Part Number / Color】 C (Course)

Five features. 
① Overwhelming cleanliness: Dust and dust are hard to accumulate, and clogging hardly occurs. Hygienic without coloring when hitting cuts! Disinfection is also possible. The pure white design makes it look easy, too. 

② Heat resistance: It is hard to have heat! Because it has excellent heat resistance and it does not exceed a certain temperature or more, it is outstanding safety without feeling heat. 
Because it is hard to charge, static electricity is hard to get on and dust is hard to fly. 

③ Corrosion resistance: Rust resistant! It is resistant to deterioration such as rust corrosion resistance, sharpness and cleanliness persist. 

④ Wear resistance: hard to wear! After diamond, it has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and is not easily deformed. 

⑤ Lightweight: Compared to metal, it is very light and does not shake even at high rotation.



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