SHAREYDVA Unicorn Powder Approximately 1g

by vendor-unknown


Unicorn nail is made of powder. 

◆ How to use ◆ 
the base color is applied curing 
applied to cure the non-wipe gel 
powder and rubbed with silicon stick 
finish in the top gel. 

※ The finish is different depending on your non-wipe top gel. 
Please acknowledge it. 

Non wipe [43659 pregel non wipe clear (top) cangel 8 g] is finished is clean and recommended! 

When rubbing, we recommend that you use [88838 Silicon Stick Clear] [98888 Silicon Stick Aurora] etc! 

· Since it is ultrafine particles, we recommend mounting the mask so that it will not enter the eyes or mouth when opening or using it, and do not inhale it. 
· If you should come in, please discontinue use and consult your doctor. 
· Please keep in a place out of reach of small children. 
· If you are allergic, please consult your doctor if your skin is weak.


[Contents amount · remarks] Approximately 1 g






Product code: 93738