S12 Magnetic Color Gel 2g Nail Parfait

by vendor-unknown


【Product number · color】 S12 Emman mallon

Please do not use it other than nails. Please use carefully as to whether nails and skin are abnormal. When abnormality such as swelling and pain appears on nails and skin, stop using and consult a specialist. In case of eye contact, immediately rinse with water and consult a specialist. For indoor lighting to be cured, please close the lid after use, store in a safe place out of the reach of infants, avoiding high temperature, direct sunlight. No fires.

I can not express it by hand drawing using the power of the magnet "Magnet gel that can produce a beautiful neo gradation color. Because the pearl component reacting with the magnet is sinking, please stir firmly so that it scoops from the bottom before use. Be sure to operate with a special magnet.

2019/01/15 ~ price cuts 

[Contents amount · remarks] 2 g





Soft gel type UV about 2 minutes LED approximately 30 seconds P

Item code: 86874