Presto Top Gel Polish 13g

by vendor-unknown

Semi-hard type top gel. LED / UV compatible! ! From immediately after wiping off to off, gloss persistence is outstanding! Easy to handle because of the pursuit of the beauty of the finish. Do not stir! Do not worry about bubble! Stable viscosity can be used until the end. Now that the pedicure for the summer has increased, it is the most recommended item ☆ 【Precautions for use】 ※ Since it is a semi-hard type, it does not melt with the remover. Be sure to sanding and remove the top gel layer after scraping with a remover. ※ It is not possible to mix with a prestopped gel. * If you do not use unopened items or opening for a long time, we recommend storing in a refrigerator to maintain a stable condition. * Please avoid using it with the lid opened for a long time. There is a possibility of curing by sunlight or light of fluorescent lamp. [Contents amount · remarks] 13 g Semi Hard gel type UV about 2 minutes LED about 20 seconds