PREGEL Sugar Powder 3 Colors Set



Powder nail in winter like powdered sugar · powder snow. "WHITE (white)" like quiet powder snow, which is light and elegant glitzy, reflector "SILVER (Silver)" with silver lamé, glowing with glitter and aurora, beautiful heart-burning beauty "AURORA ) "It is a set of three pieces. 
Since unhardened top gel will stickiness, please use non wipe top gel. 

【Precautions for 
use 】· Wear appropriate protective equipment such as mask, goggles etc during use, so that dust does not enter the eyes or respirator. 
· Do not eat, drink or smoke while using. 
· Wash hands thoroughly after use, please change clothes that contaminated. 
· Keep tightly closed after use, please keep in a dry place out of reach of children.



【Contents amount · remarks】 1g × 3 pieces






Item code: 88705