Mode Nail Mini Ribbon Sliver Aurora

by vendor-unknown


【Part Number / Color】 Silver Aurora Crystal

Petit size tickling girl's heart, ♪ easy to turn any nail ♪ 
Can be used in combination with various parts and stones, very convenient! 

It is a very small and cute, ribbon type nail part. Even though it is firmly shaped like a ribbon, the size is only 3 mm × 5 mm. It is a mini size ribbon that can be easily carried on even small nails. 

Even if you use it as a single point as it is, it is cute and combined with various nail parts and stones, it is cute even if it finishes to gorgeous prime art. 

For easy fitting to the nails, a gentle curve is attached to the back of the part. 

There is a possibility that the plating / stone is peeled off with the solution. Please handle with care.

Three stones of aurora crystal are embedded in silver ribbon frame. 
If the silver ribbon, ♪ elegant and delicate image


[Contents amount · remarks] 4P



There is a back curve

5 × 3 mm


Item code: 96344